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  • The [MahoneyNet] is a once-per-week weekly summary, edited by Bill & Cindy Mahoney.


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  •  This group has ALL the ballroom announcements.
  • It includes all the [MahoneyNet] messages, plus additional announcements about classes, etc — that Bill does not include in his messages.

  • The above two links will take you to the two respective “Yahoo Groups” Homepages.
  • You can then click on the “Conversations” link that is located just below the left corner of the top banner image, to view recent dance announcements.



PaDanceNet.com  has links to other areas.



  • The SinglesDances.net website lists singles groups.
  • Note that almost all the groups in the NC PA region have ceased operation.

HISTORIC SINGLES ARCHIVE:  The older ‘Track2 DanceNet Singles’ page at track2.com/dance/singles.contacts.shtml shows earlier singles info.

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