3 Email Announcements

This section last modified 4/16/2023.

1. The MahoneyNet (Mailchimp)
• The “Mahoney Weekly Dance Newsletter” (aka the MahoneyNet) is a once-per-week weekly EMAIL summary, edited by Bill & Cindy Mahoney.
• It contains just about all dances, but usually does not include classes, photos, or other special announcement.

To subscribe to the MahoneyNet:
* Send an email to Bill at wmserv@gmail.com ,with Subject of “Subscribe me” and Body of “Please Subscribe me to your weekly Mahoney Dance Digest” (you can copy+paste this line into your email).
* Bill will then manually add your email address to his ‘Mailchimp’ mailing list.

2. The Billtown Dance Groups.io Listserv

You can view ALL Billtown Dance announcements in the Groups.io archive here: groups.io/g/billtowndance/topics

Note: the Billtown Dance Groups.io is currently SEPARATE from Bill Mahoney’s Mailchimp system.

(You have to be “subscribed” with Bill, to receive his announcements).